The Best Local SEO Checklist

The Best Local SEO Tips and Tricks Guide

Webdesign for SEO

H1-H2 tags

Meta tags

Schema Markup

WordPress Plugins for SEO

Site setup optimization

Image alt text

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO?

Google 6pack/3pack

Local SEO, what is different?

Social Media SEO

Directory Listings

Top Free Directories

Other directories

Best Local SEO Directories USA


What are backlinks?

How can backlinks help my site rank higher?

What types of backlinks are there?

Linkbuilding Strategies

What kind of linking not to do?

Review Strategy

Local Reviews (google, yelp)

Review Schema

Product Reviews

Review Widgets

Local Citations

What are local citations?

How do local citations help me rank higher?

Social Media

Social Media Citations

By site information

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