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Directory Submission for SEO

Directory Submission for SEO Value

Your business may already be listed here and there on the Internet. Are you covering the directories that the major search engines look at? Are you in the critical directories where your competitors are already listed? Are there emerging vertical directories you should be considering?

Directory listings can play a role in a well-rounded SEO and online marketing strategy. Advantages of a solid directory listing strategy include:

Many directory pages will rank well for important search terms. You gain the additional exposure in the results pages if you are listed there.
Gain relevant, powerful links that search engines value highly.
Potential clients will notice if you are not listed where many of your competitors are – you need to be the one to set the standard first!
To achieve the highest return on your directory listings, you need more than simply getting listed.

Directory Listings benefits

Research the appropriate directories for your industry and find recommended onesthat will provide the greatest SEO and online exposure benefits.

We prepare the content and links that display in the directory listings, determine the optimal category, and submit the directory listing to help facilitate approval by the directory. Each step of the way we seek your input to ensure that the listing is in line with your corporate communications as well as optimized for search engine performance. So you can do that too. Just use directories for backlinks and rank juice.